How we do it

Artisanal handmade chocolate

Intense Aroma, a Rich Taste

Our jungle remains untouched by modern civilization, and today we invite you to enjoy this rare chocolate – the heritage of our ancestors.

The Finest Cacao Beans

Our chocolate is for the connoisseur who appreciates the exceptional, demands excellence and prizes exclusivity.

Pure, as Nature Intended

Savour the unadulterated, natural flavours that our ancestors discovered 5000 years ago. Made from one of the rarest varieties of cacao.

Ecuador jungle

This small farm in the Ecuadorian jungle is home to the world’s finest chocolate. The rare variety of cacao that thrives here, called Nacional, represents less than 4% of the world’s cacao beans. Our farm remains untouched by modern civilization, and our production methods have not changed in the last fifty years. Cacao beans are manually harvested, processed, and roasted by local people.

Our chocolate is made from the finest cacao beans and sugarcane, hand-picked in the mountainous regions of Ecuador. Our chocolate is free from artificial flavors, flavor enhancers, and other additives. It is pure, as nature intended.

Ecuador forest

From bean to bar

Twice a year, our farmers manually harvest cacao beans deep in the jungle where the indigenous trees flourish. Each cacao crop is unique, shaped and infused by the climate and the prevailing weather conditions. The natural forces that give birth to our chocolate are tangible in each bite: the fertile volcanic soil, lush greenery, warm sun, and tropical showers.

Ecuador cacao beans

Cacao beans are extracted, fermented, and dried under the scorching Ecuadorian sun. The pulp of the cacao beans, which tastes like sweet cherry plum, is used by locals to make juice. This juice is believed to have medicinal properties.

Then starts the gentle roasting of the beans, so crucial to the character of the chocolate. Finally, the craft of the chocolatier turns the beans into bars – potent, rich symbols of the synergy between man and nature.