About us

We don’t sever the deep connection with the past; we nurture it

The story of our Fino de Aroma cacao beans began 5000 years ago in Ecuador. Today we still honour the ancient practices that first produced xocolatl. We see ourselves as stewards of this unique culinary and natural heritage.  Our ancestors used cacao beans as food, and as ingredients for drinks and medicines. We have preserved this finest gift of  the fertile volcanic soil and the unique Ecuadorian climate.

Our jungle remains untouched by modern civilization, and today we invite you to enjoy this rare chocolate – the heritage of our ancestors.


The story of Carlos, the foreman of our farm.


Nestled in a cacao plantation in the heart of the jungle is the bamboo home or our foreman, Carlos, and his family. Carlos has been working on our farm for half a century. Twice a year, he, his five sons and locals for whom this journey is a time-honoured tradition, go deep into the jungle to harvest the most mature cacao beans manually.

Farm worker

When the men return with the harvest, the women of the settlement roast the precious beans. This plantation is the only source of income for the local indigenous people. It empowers  them to feed their families and to educate their children.